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Manage single or multiple assets against a loan. Auto compute periodic payments based on interest rate, financed amount and term.

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Track different end of term options against leases. Enter payment amount to auto generate amortization schedules.

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Provide assets on short or long terms rentals based on a predefined list and rate card.

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Key Features

We offer a comprehensive range of features to fit your needs
  • Manage loans, leases and rentals contracts
  • Pay based on usage
  • No implementation effort or time
  • Intuitive user interface

Associate multiple assets with each contract and track the on-boarding, off-boarding of each asset individually. Track assets by manufacturer, make, model and serial number for each supplier.

Assets placed with customers

Efficiently track amounts due and paid by customers to maintain real time outstanding by contract and customer. Generate and send invoices to your customers automatically, Payments are automatically applied to outstanding dues. Track unpaid amounts and excess payments in real time.

Billing and Payments

Improve audit by recording approval details of approver, date, notes and exceptions. Approvers may approve, reject or send it back for review with their notes.


Automatically generate notifications to both internal and external team members. Send email reminders to customers for invoices falling due.

Automated Notifications

Enable customer self service to minimize the work load on your customer service team. Customers can verify their contracts, invoices, payments. Track invoices becoming due and payments unapplied or incorrectly applied.

Customer Self Service

Quickly assess the status of your business with predefined reports and dashboards. View inactive contracts, unapplied payments, large invoices due and exposures instantly.

Predefined Reports and Dashboards